Achievements in the Field of Spectroscopy: A Review

Alina-Mihaela NIȚĂ


With recent advances in sensitive array detectors, fiber optic wave guides, high speed electronics and powerful softwares, many new generations of spectrometers have been developed. Microspectrometers, miniature spectrometers, portable spectrometers, or Fiber Optic Spectrometres are some of the names typically given to the class small spectrometres that are derived from simple, fixed optics, and low cost detector arrays. This class of instrument has been available for over 18 years, gaining industry acceptance with each year. From a very basic optical platform to sophisticated instrumentation for scientific investigation and process control, this class of instrument has evolved substantially since its introduction to the market. On board processing and memory have enabled the instruments to become fully automated, stand alone sensors communicating with their environment via analog, digital, USB and even wireless protocols


Array detectors, miniature fiber optic spectrometer, devices, sensors, portable spectometers

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