Perspectives sur la retraduction

Daniela Pintilei


As a recurrent phenomenon of translation practice, re-translation is an iterative and prolific act, with a particular statute in the field of translations studies, having as a purpose the re-evaluation of the original text. Having the meaning of variant or new translation, the re-translation represents a return through detour from the first translation, "illusion" that in this process would be hidden the meaning of the original. From a teleological point of view the translation stands out from re-translation, the former being due more to external agents (caducity, ageing of the source text), while, in addition, the second seeks to internal agents (the improvement, the betterment of the source text). Act of a remarkable potentiality, the re-translation sends to the plural reading, standing for all new possible versions in the target language, intensifying and reiterating the original text to infinity, ensuring its immortality


translation, re-translation, turning, rounding, plural reading, source language, target language

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